Monte Carlo Yachts & Beneteau


Durch die Zusammenarbeit mit Azul Yachts Palma haben wir die Möglichkeit, unseren Kunden auch neue Boote anzubieten.

Mit den Marken Beneteau und Monte Carlo Yachts sind wir gut aufgestellt, um alle Bedürfnisse unserer Kunden zu erfüllen. Egal ob Neu-Boot oder Gebrauchtboot, wir möchten unsere Kunden immer beraten und ihnen einen Rundum-Service bieten.


Beneteau Grand Turismo

The Grand Turismo Range from Beneteau starts with the GT40 and goes around to the GT46 up to the GT50 and GT50 Sportsfly.

Monte Carlo Yachts

The Monte Carlo Yachts Range goes from 66ft. up to 105ft.

Beneteau Flyer 

The Beneteau Flyer range goes from the Flyer 5.5 up to the New Flyer 10.

Monte Carlo Yachts

 About Monte Carlo Yachts

Monte Carlo Yachts is a pioneering project in the Yachting World that breaks new ground. Genuinely Italian in its management, designers and artisanal skills, supported by the industrial strengths of French group Beneteau - the uncontested global leader in the production of sailboats, 2nd world boat manufacturer and among the 5 world power top players - Monte Carlo Yachts is dedicated to crafting timeless luxury yachts.


Classic Distinction

                        The MCY Yachts are thought, designed and built to stand the test of time and go beyond trends and fads that come and go. . The shipyard recognises that new standards of luxury are constantly being established and that responsibility, sustainability and character are increasingly important. They rise to the challenge of building each and every one of our motor yachts to be the best expression of luxury now and tomorrow. The MCY yachts are elegant but never overstated, innovative but noble; they are timeless classics, built today to sail well into tomorrow.


Leading Technology

In Monte Carlo Yachts verstehen wir, dass es keine Form ohne Funktion, und keine Funktion ohne Form: für ein Boot gibt, schön sein ist das eine, es muss auch funktional sein. Wir sind stolz darauf, ein Novum in der Branche in der Branche zu sein. Denn wir haben einen modularen Aufbau Prozess der inspiriert ist von“ Lean Manufacturing“ Konzepten und abgeleitet von den fortschrittlichsten Industriesektoren eingeführt. Wir verfolgen ästhetische Qualität und unerreichte technische Zuverlässigkeit, währenddessen wir eine hohe Leistungsfähigkeit erreichen. Wir verfolgen einen Sinn von Perfektion dem wir die höchste Aufmerksamkeit geben in allen Aspekten des Bootsbaus. Angefangen bei Design und Dekor Details bis zur technischen Verbesserungen der Bordsysteme. Unser revolutionärer Ansatz hat eine „Industrial Design Association“ Auszeichnung bekommen in Anerkennung unserer Forschung in Technik und Konstruktion.



Every one of the models is unique because it is built around the dreams of its owner. The boat owners’ wishes are at the centre of the production process every step of the way, and we can’t imagine how it could be done any differently. We don’t aim to meet our customer’s expectations, we aim to take those expectations to the next level.




Gran Turismo 

GT 40,GT 46, GT 50 & GT 50 Sportsfly

The combination of sports and family boat unites Beneteau with your Gran Turismo series.

The Gran Turismo series, is available from 46 feet with either a closed cockpit or as an open bath boat up to a flybridge variant in the GT 50 - Sportsfly with three cabins.

From the GT 46 a garage and hydraulic bathing platform is available.

The special of this series is that generous space and excellent lighting conditions.


 Quality and Innovation

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NEW FLYER RANGE: A new page is turned after 30 years. In 2014, BENETEAU confirms its vitality and upholds its innovation policy in the Day boat segment. Since its creation the yard has invested in technology and has taken up a position as an innovator and trend setter in moter boating. It has gambled on talent and surrounded itself with the best architects and designers in the world, such as Pininfarina and Philippe Stark. Once again today, BENETEAU is placing passion and innovation at the heart of its craft to make more elegant, competitive, seaworthy and affordable boats. The sustained success of the Flyer range, which has marked the history of the yard, and whose name is associated with quality and innovation, continues this year. Developed on a 6 metre concept, discover the new FLYER range, which can be identified by its 3 navigation styles: the flyer 6.6 SPACEdeck, flyer 6.6 SUNdeck and flyer 6.6 SPORTdeck.

Swift Trawler

Experience the sea

 The Swift Trawler has a different vision of life on board, and is a stunning combination of the nautical field and world travel.

Every Swift Trawler of the line boasts superior sea-keeping qualities that make the Trawler a powerful, reliable, and comfortable boat. A vessel full of discoveries, its interior spaces and volumes are at the image of the endless wide opens spaces that it promises to explore.


 A seaworthy and family boat

 SUITABLE FOR THE FAMILY, SEAWORTHY, SAFE AND COMFORTABLE TO LIVE ABOARD, THE ANTARES IS A BOAT FOR RELAXING AND ENJOYING LEISURE ACTIVITIES AT SEA, WITHOUT ANY BOTHER. It can resist no seagoing pleasure and, from day-boating to cruising, the Antares will continue to match your sailing needs with brio and reliability.

From the cockpit to the wheelhouse, the living space on board the Antares is always surprising.

She has won acclaim for the shape of her hull, designed for a long life and to weather all seas, taking you further than ever.